What is International English?

As the world has become closely connected, we need a “world common language”, with which we can communicate with each other and share our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Some say that English must be the one because it is now widely used all over the world. I don't think so. English is certainly the most popular language in the world. According to a research, about 1.75 billion people, 25% of the world total population of 7 billion, are now using English as an international communication tool for businesses, researches, and so on. But you must know that, among that 1.75 billion, English native speakers is only 0.39 billion, 22% of the total number. The remaining 78% are non-native English spe

Happy New Year!

Dear Everyone Happy New Year! My new year’s resolution in 2019 is to write letters, blogs, and essays in “International English as Second Language for Japanese” as many as possible. When I was twenty years old, I resolved that I should be a Japanese who can think and write both in Japanese and English. Forty three years has gone since then, and I can get to the final stage to achieve this lifelong goal! 2019 is the year of Boar in the twelve Japanese zodiac signs. I will go straight on and on recklessly like a boar!

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